Production, delivery and assembly

Preparation: A production of furniture, ordered in our carpentry is transferred into a preparation. In cooperation with an architect we make final corrections on the sketch and then we send it to a production process.

Delivery: We deliver your furniture to your home or a place of installation and bring it to the room, where it will be assembled or installed. Deliveries are usually made 2-3 days before the installation.

Installation: The installation is performed by professional installers. We perform the installation on a specific day, which is determined at the time of your order in the premises of our company.

Extra description of a preparation:

  • Expert advice
  • Our architect helps you with designing furniture to find solution which combines beauty and functionality.
  • For production we use top-quality tools, harmless lacquers and other environment friendly materials.
  • When designing kitchens, we adapt to the demands of built-in elements of different manufacturers.
  • If you want to have a specific style, it takes overall arrangement, whatever the furniture you choose. You get great appearance with right wall and floor colors, decoration and suitable upholstered furniture. Variety and emphasis is achieved by small additions, like antiquities, fresh flowers, maybe potted plants and pictures on the walls.


Production, delivery and installation in pictures: 

Where can you find us

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Na postajo 38
1315 Velike Lašče


The company Mizarstvo Tekavčič moved to Velike Lašče in year 2007. Here it has built a new production hall, showroom and extra warehouses for storage in the industry zone. Velike Lašče is a center of the Velike Lašče municipality. The municipality has more than 4000 inhabitants and there are still coming new ones. There is an elementary school of Primož Trubar Velike Lašče, with school branch in Turjak and Rob. Within the school also a kindergarten Sončni žarek operates.

There are many associations in the municipality (fire brigade, cultural, touristic, mountain sports…). Inhabitants are employed in wood processing industry, service activities, they also breed livestock, but most of them drive to work to other cities.

Velike Lašče is a cradle of Slovenian culture. There were born – in Rašica Primož Trubar, in Retje Fran Levstik, in Podsmreka Josip Stritar and in Velike Lašče Jože Javoršek. Trubar’s homestead in Rašica has a memorial room, a galery, a barn and restored saw and mill. In Retje at the birth house of Fran Levstik, there is a memorial panel to the writer, and in front of the house famous hundred years old Linden and Ilija’s hayrack with straw. In Podsmreka at the birth house of Stritar, there is a relief and preserved granary. In front of the church in Velike Lašče stands a statue of Fran Levstik, and in cultural center is a memorial room, dedicated to Levstik and Stritar.

All these places are connecter with traditional cultural walk along the Velike Lašče cultural trail (Levstik – Stritar – Trubar), which takes place every year in June, within celebration of municipality’s cultural holiday. Unspoiled nature and natural beauties, offer of local cuisine of open farms and pubs, among which the most known is Gostilna pri Kuklju, are another reason to visit Velike Lašče municipality.

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