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Dining rooms

A dining room is a center of family life. No matter if it is classic or modern; it is always comfortable and designed in a way that you can enjoy in it with your family and friends.

Give some space to your crystals or maybe grandmother’s coffee cups. Exhibit them in a nice designed glass cupboard, which will spice your room and insert a bit of nostalgia for the good old times.

Children’s rooms

It is important for children, that they have a comfortable place, which is both playful and functional. With slight changes it can suit them from their birth to the college.

Mizarstvo Tekavčič creates you a children’s room, which will grow along with your children.


An entryway is a mirror of your home. Nothing is better than to come home after a busy day and feel really without any worries. It is also a room, where your visitors get firs impression of your home. At Mizarstvo Tekavčič we can create such entryway that will exceed your expectations.


To have a nice, bright and spacious bathroom. So many shelves that you can store all your cosmetics. So many drawers that you will finally have things ordered. Such elements that your bathroom will be always fresh.

You will enjoy to prepare yourself for day or night in such bathroom.

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